Lower Super Output AreasThe Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) have now released a large increase in the number of Lower Super Output Areas. These are areas of the UK that will qualify for Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCo) support under the ECO element of the Green Deal. Although the information has now been released, it is not in an easily accessible format i.e. postcode areas. We are currently working on converting the information in to an easy to use format, this should be ready by Thursday and the new postcodes will be included in our CSCo Postcode Checker.

What are Lower Super Output Areas?

Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) are a sub-ward divisions averaging approximately 1500 people. Because they are of consistent size and with fixed  boundaries (unlike electoral wards, for example) they are particularly suitable for the  publication of data.

What is ECO funding?

ECO funding is designed to complement the domestic ‘Green Deal’ and  is effectively a grant provided to householders in cases  where Green Deal finance alone doesn’t cover the upfront cost of the  low-carbon measures that a particular home has installed.