Our reader’s most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Green Deal

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When did The Green Deal start?

The Green Deal officially launched in January 2013.

What is the point of The Green Deal?

The Green Deal is designed to help property owners increase the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses, and in turn reduce the UK’s emission of harmful greenhouse gases. The Green Deal allows you to pay for some or all of energy saving improvements to your property over time through your electricity bill. Repayments are intended to be no more than what a typical household should save in energy costs resulting from the improvements you make.

Who can get A Green Deal?

The Green Deal is available to anyone who rents or owns a private home, social housing residents and owners and tenants of commercial property.Local authorities, private landlords can also take advantage of The Green Deal to improve their properties.

How do I take advantage of the Green Deal Initiative?

To take advantage of the Green Deal initiative, you will first need to arrange a visit from a Green Deal Assessor who will produce a report detailing the most suitable Green Deal improvements for your property. (Read more about How The Green Deal Works).If you need to locate an Assessor, you can visit our ‘Locate A Green Deal Professional’ page and allow us to refer you to authorized Assessors in your local area free of charge.

What improvements can be made under The Green Deal?

Energy-saving improvements that you can make with A Green Deal include:

  • Insulation (e.g. loft, cavity, external, or internal wall insulation)
  • Heating
  • Draught-proofing
  • Double glazing
  • Renewable energy technologies – eg solar panels or wind turbines

You do not have to make all of these home improvements. A Green Deal Assessment will help identify which products would be most suitable to your property.

Is the Green Deal a loan?

A Green Deal plan is a form of unsecured loan on which you will be charged interest and for which you will be personally liable for the duration of time that you are the bill payer of the property with the Green Deal. A second or third charge will be placed on your property by your Green Deal Provider. Repayments are collected with your electricity bills.It is however the intention that the repayments of this loan will be offset by reduced bills gained through increased home efficiency. You can read our ‘Green Deal Payments Guide’ for more information on this.

What is the difference between a Green Deal Assessor and a Green Deal Provider?

A Green Deal assessor visits your property. They will they will assess your property and discuss your energy consumption and your home with you prior to producing a report recommending suitable improvements cover by the Green Deal that can improve your home’s energy efficiency.A Green Deal Provider uses the report produced by a Green Deal Assessor to provide quotes for the recommended work. If you decide to carry out any of the suggested improvements then the Provider will write up a Green Deal Plan which covers the financing of the work and arranges for authorized Green Deal Installers to make the improvements to your property.

How much money will I save with the Green Deal?

Green Deal Plans are designed so that your repayments are at least offset by the energy savings you make through the improvements to your property’s energy efficiency. This is calculated based on the typical energy consumption of a property similar to yours. However this will vary from property to property based on your specific building and personal energy use. Read more about how Green Deal Payments are calculated.

Can I get any other financial assistance for a Green Deal?

Some householders in older properties, or on benefits or on a low income may be able to get extra financial assistance. You should ask your Green Deal Assessor for further information on this or contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 to check if you’re eligible to apply.

Where can I find more information about the Green Deal?

Green Deal Locator have an excellent selection of guides and information about the Green Deal. A good place to start for newcomers is How The Green Deal Works.You can also find official Government information at www.gov.uk/green-deal-energy-saving-measures

How can I find an accredited Green Deal Assessor?

Green Deal Locator can help you find a top quality certified Green Deal Assessor in your local area. Visit our find a Green Deal professional near you page for more information.

How can I find an accredited Green Deal Installer?

Green Deal Locator can help you find top quality accredited Green Deal Installers in your local area. Visit our find a Green Deal professional near you page for more information.

How can I find an approved Green Deal Provider?

Green Deal Locator can help you find a top quality approved Green Deal Provider in your local area. Visit our find a Green Deal professional near you page for more information.

What is an EPC?

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate issued by your chosen Green Deal Assessor which shows the energy performance rating of your property.

How can I get my business involved in The Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a great opportunity for businesses to get involved in supplying energy efficient products to home and commercial premises owners across the UK. Read more in our guide about The Green Deal for business.Green Deal Locator is able to help quality Green Deal Providers, Installers and  Green Deal Assessors to connect directly with potential customers looking to benefit from the Green Deal. Find out more and apply at our List your Company page. Once companies are successfully registered with our site, you will be put in touch with consumers searching for Green Deal services in your local area.